Flashback Friday- 80’s Comeback!!

FlashBack Friday!

Some of the 80’s styles that we LOVED  and some that really should never see the light of day again are making a comeback! History is repeating itself In the fashion industry.

As we have started to take a look at some of the hottest trends today we realized that these are straight out of the 80’s. The Simple basic styles that have been the fashion go to for the past few years are giving way to big hair, shoulder pads and some bold makeup choices!

For better or worse the 80’s are back!! Here are our top 5 80’s trends we wil be seeing

1. Fanny Packs or Bum Bags 

Can you believe it? This not just for tourist anymore! A new generation is realizing the benefit of rocking the hands free bag! The fanny-pack or bum bag as I am now going to call it forever and ever is getting a major upgrade. It is being worn as an accessory on your belt and is being made from brands like Gucci and Michael Kors and will no doubt be available in may of your local chain stores. Honestly I am a little obsessed with these and love that is no longer a huge fashion no-no to have one of these on your person!

2. Denim

Whether it is jeans, dresses, jackets or overalls, Denim is back with a vengeance. If you watch any TV show or movie that is either from the 80’s or set in the 80’s you will see that this era was obsessed with their denim! In 2018 we are seeing bibbed overalls and dresses making an appearance, cut off jean shorts are back, cropped jeans (otherwise known as Peg leg) will be a Spring must have. But my favorite is the jeans and jackets are getting an upgrade! We are adding patches and embroidery to our tired old denim jeans and jackets. Using iron on patches we get to create a one of a kind jacket!

3. Lace- Edgy and Romantic

In the 80’s lace was on of the most versatile fabrics used. From the grunge look to whatever Madonna was currently wearing (anyone remember that Vogue video?) In 2018 we will be seeing lace everywhere. Lace shoulders on our button downs, lace covering on dresses and lace hemlines on tops and sweaters. I really don’t mind this trends return either, I think lace gives a feminine element in clothing.

4. Off Shoulder Tops and Dresses

This comeback actually started in 2017. This past summer this trend was huge! It looks like it is here to stay (at least for a while). Just like in the 80’s the off the shoulder looks will come In different styles, from completely off the shoulder to the “cold” shoulder looks! Jump on board this one it is a great look for anyone!

5. Big Sleeves

The Big Sleeve look is back for 2018, if you hadn’t notice the 80’s trends were anything but small. From big hair and oversized jackets to those big sleeves and ruffles. The big sleeve is another great look for Spring you want to embrace. Thankfully we are doing it better in 2018!!

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