Super Simple Detox Drink

If you are tired of drinking boring water everyday here is a great DIY recipe that is easy to make and taste great!

This Detox water works to remove the impurities from your system and you can literally drink it EVERYDAY! 

Here is what your need: 

* 1 gal container

* 6 Cups of Water (or until container is full)

* 2 fresh Lemons - Great for adding vitamin C to your diet

* 1/2 cucumber- adds nutrients to aid in hydration

* 1 Tbs of Peeled and grated ginger (if you a ginger fan feel free to add more) - speed up metabolism

* 4 Mint leaves (to shown on photo) - helps aid digestion and upset stomachs!

First you slice the lemons, cucumbers and peel and grate the ginger root

Next add cucumbers, lemons,mint and ginger root to your container and pour the water over the ingredients. 

And that is it!! Refrigerate for at least 3 hours. The ingredients will float to the top and will infuse the water.  Drink daily to detox your system! 

We normally filter when pouring in a glass. Just an FYI some of the added benefits include, increase metabolism, Fat flush ( i know that sounds gross), and added energy. 

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